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NEW VIDEO: Team Backpack – Nate x Ryan Nicole x Richie Cunning LIVE from Google HQ

12 Apr 2016

We’re gettin’ the band back together

6 Apr 2016
I've been meaning to do this for a while. Over the last few years, a handful of videos have popped up on youtube of people performing/creating over a backdrop of my music. It blew my mind every time and continues to do so. I wanted to shout them all out here because the fact that they took the time to do it means a lot to me. So, hopefully they get the message. Check it out. Troybanxz - "Pure Imagination" (bass cover) Jeremy James Nolan - "Smoke" (guitar cover) DrumsetDan13 - "Pure Imagination" (drum cover) Hampi - "Transfer Pt. II" (beat/vox cover) Goosh - "Richie Cunning's Day Off" (original choreography)


22 Nov 2015
Here's a brand new song I made. It doesn't sound like other songs I've made. If you like it, share it and shout it from the mountaintop. If you don't like it, why don't you go ahead and put an egg in your shoe and beat it. Ok but seriously, I hope you like it.


11 Oct 2015
I've never done this song live before, but the end of the night last night felt like the right time. Shout out to Rich Allard for camerawork.


2 Oct 2015
It's here. Just fucking download it. If you get it through my bandcamp, it's free with an email address. If you don't want to give me your email address then you're gonna have to pony up some jack, paisan. Cop it on iTunes or Amazon or whatever for like 7 bucks or something. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me how you get it as long as you like it. Also, if you want a physical copy that you can actually hold in your hand, I just ordered way too many of those so I'm pretty sure I can get you one. Play it for someone in your life that is very clearly not in the mood for it. Get it for FREE Get it on iTunes Get it on Amazon Buy a CD that I actually mail to you

NEW MUSIC: What Do I Know

2 May 2015
I actually made this song a long time ago (like years), but was always a little hesitant to release it because it's so different from my other ish. I'm pretty sure I don't care anymore so check it out. If you like it, share it with somebody. More music coming soon.

NEW MUSIC: “Salute”

17 Dec 2013
Stepping to a classic is not a task that any emcee should take lightly. For just that reason, it isn't something that I have done very many times in my career. About a month ago, I was shooting pool in my neighborhood dive and "Juice (Know The Ledge)" came on the jukebox. I hadn't heard it in a while, and the fact that it was sandwiched into a playlist of current popular rap songs made it hit me like a suckerpunch to the gut. Rakim's flow is simply undeniable. The chops, the swing, the delivery, the tone… emcees just don't (or can't) rap like that anymore. I took a shot at it. Check it out. I hope you enjoy my salute to the God, Rakim Allah. (Lyrics below)
Clear the booth, Cunny about to burn it down In a basement lab outbound No pinky ring so just kiss the pavement When you fakin jacks bow down It's the return of the last bandit of mass transit Comin in hot for crash landin Right in the spot yo ass standing, buckle your chinstrap Brace yourself for impact, the kid back Don't pretend you don't remember, boy Open up the files, I'm a known offender Sayin I'mma own any show I enter is like Sayin it's gon' be a cold december I told ya kid, I set the show on fire Cock back, catapult the shit Can't nobody hide when the bulb is lit So keep shinin, Rich C, the ultimate, now c'mon Turn me up til I crash the board And I'll rock with no mic like the Jackson 4 Gon' flap your jaws til they chapped and raw But say my name on wax, that's a act of war Yo my back is sore, cause after yours truly Wax the floor with em, they come back for more Yall pack for tour with one track recorded Soundin like yall ain't done rap before Stick em like a flushot or tattoo spot Or fiends tryna keep the spoon hot Clown ass crews get they cute balloon popped Not knowin the do's and do-not's Who got boots you can't cop at the shoe shop? With the diehard car battery boombox? Who got bars til the loop stop? And who got juice like when Q dropped Tupac off the rooftop? Act cool, but can't take the heat Sucka, you ain't got what the fans paid to see Lames don't understand my speech, cause I only speak dope And dope don't translate to weak, c'mon Fake ass famous cats Make mistakes of thinkin I ain't came to rap Got a grenade for ya brain with my name attached Glad to make your acquaintance, jack I put the pen to the pad til the page is black No erasin like I'm engravin plaques The rotation of ancient wax in the basement The bass'll make the foundation crack The bass'll make the whole place collapse I take it back to basics, face the facts I make tracks outta table scraps Classic breaks, double A batteries and tape adapters, wait Word, to the beat I flow son SF C-I-T-Y don't run Fee fi fo fum, we got dope drums Subs that be heavier than GI Joe guns Soon as I'm done with it I turn around and somebody else done bit it But its the definitive, son, the unlimited One minute to finish you chumps so come git it Married to rap, but I wear the pants in it Styles yall scared to tamper with Flow cold as the air at Candlestick This is my mic, which one of yall dare to handle it? Plenty of emcees, but only one master Many before but none after Tryna keep up with the Cunnin, you have to run faster Just like that I done past ya Hard to watch 'em try claim the throne Heavy is the head the crown hangs upon Yall sang your song, the crowd bang the gong And you out with the gang that yall brang along I'm ill, no substitute, sucka If you ain't know yet, you must be new So I'mma bust this just for you, your blood rushin All flustered up, wondering what the fuck to do Close the case, I wrote this On the back of a map so you could know your place Your style's a cold plate that goes to waste Your tape need more flavor, I'm the bolognese Stay pokerfaced while I'm holdin aces Go to your showcase and overtake it Golden gate kid, child of the fog Studyin the styles of the God SALUTE


29 May 2013
So, the Bay Area heavyweights Zion I dropped the official remix album for their last LP "ShadowBoxing" today. Man, what I wouldn't give to have gotten one of my beats on that project. Oh, WAIT. I did. So I don't have to give anything. I'll give you the link though. Listen and/or download for FREE. Big shout to the Zion I crew and the good folks at Ineffable Music Group for giving a bum like me a shot.

NEW MUSIC: “What I’m Doing Right Now”

28 Jan 2013
Fresh out the bearcave. Rob Rush and I recently realized that for all the years we've been making music with the team, we've never made a single legitimate song together. You might listen to this and decide that's still true, but we would disagree and insist that you leave. Check it out, download it for free if you like it, and SHARE it if you love it. And if you really love it, knock it hard on your way into work this morning and tell those bozos you work with to put a sock in it. Produced by me, Richie Cunning. Have a good week yall.